Seafront Cycle Route FAQ

Seafront Cycle Route
Alfie Perry-Ward on the Seafront Cycle Route

In response to the lively public debate about the virtues of the new seafront cycle route we have produced a set of frequently asked questions and answers to address some of the most common concerns.  The document can be found in our infrastructure section or by clicking this link.

Portsmouth’s Cycle Forum believes that the new cycle route makes a massively positive contribution to the seafront and the city and is in whole hearted support of it. If you haven’t tried it yet then we can only suggest you get your bike out and go for a ride.

2 thoughts on “Seafront Cycle Route FAQ”

  1. Ther seafront cycle route is a fatality waiting to happen. I enjoy cycling but i won’t cycle along this route – it is dangerous to cyclysts and pedestrians.

    1. I’m not sure why you think that. Of course it is entirely possible for a fatal accident to happen anywhere in the public domain, but in my view the cycle route reduces that risk on the seafront.nn1

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