PCF October 2010 Newsletter

The October newsletter from Portsmouth Cycle Forum is now avaialable.

Stories this month include

  • Social ride around Langstone Harbour – 14 October 2010 
  • Government announces plans for new transport fund
  • Transform your bicycle into a horse!
  • Getting Around Conference
  • Freshers’ Fair 2010   
  • Xmas bike party  29th December
  • Hilsea station link opens
  • ‘At the seaside without my car’ day 19 September
  • Metropolis Ride Tuesday 26 October (5.15-7pm)
  • Tipner Regeneration
  • Somerstown Regeneration
  • BOND bicycle boasts ejector seat and flame
  • The diary

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Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a voluntary group working to make cycling safer, easier and more enjoyable throughout the Portsmouth area.  We’d be pleased to hear from you and perhaps you will join us.  For more information visit www.pompeybug.org.uk

4 thoughts on “PCF October 2010 Newsletter”

  1. Hi
    Have just read the October newsletter.

    Love the “Horsey” bike – do you know where to obtain this kit from, cost, etc?

    Would be grateful for any info… thanks

    1. Dear Jane,
      The Horsey Bike was a story we picked-up from the weekly newsletter of the Environmental Transport Association. It is a shorlisted entry in the 2010 ‘seoul cycle design’ competition. I’ve tracked sown more details at http://dlvr.it/513DW . I don’t think the kits are in production but you may
      know someone who can build you a replica!
      Kind regards,

  2. Have just read your Oct newsletter and always impressed with how much you do, how well you do it and how many members you get to help with your Forum/Campaign group.
    1. Would you describe your members as Campaigners or do they include Council officials?
    2. Here in Soton, we have a continuing ‘battle’ with our Council who see our Cycle Campaign Group as on the fringe militants and whereas there used to be a Soton Cycle Forum chaired by the Council’s Cycling Officer, our members are no longer invited or the Forum no longer exists. How did you bring about harmony?
    3. Would like chance to talk to you.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. We often feel as you do. Our committee form the core of our team and I would describe ourselves more as campaigners because there is so much that could be better for cycling and cyclists in our cities and, by being only a talking-shop we are unlikely to achieve any change.
      Like your, Forum, the Portsmouth one was originally run by the City Council but when they withdrew administrative support we went our own way.
      We are buoyed by the positive change to cycling in the capital and that can only be of benefit to us as it’s right on the doorstep of the national decision makers. If London can do it, so the rest of the country.
      We’d delighted to meet to share ideas at any time.

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