PCC Traffic Light Review

City Traffic Light Review

PCC Traffic Light ReviewAs you may have read in the Portsmouth Evening News, the City Council is conducting a review of traffic signals across the city with the aim of removing ‘failing’ signals.  The News reported on 31 December that Councillors Fazackarley (executive member for traffic and transportation)  and Stubbs (conservative group spokesman for traffic and transportation) have toured the city with taxi drivers to understand their views on which junctions work and which don’t.

Tells Us What You Think

It is obviously vital that the views of cyclists and pedestrians are adequately and fairly represented in this process.  Traffic lights are there for the safety of all road users, not just to maximise the earning potential of cabbies.  Portsmouth Cycle Forum has written to the Councillors to request that they conduct both a cycling and walking tour of lights in company with members of the cycle forum.  In order for us to effectively plan this we need to know what traffic light controlled junctions you think are a problem for cyclists/pedestrians and why.  Please use the “Contact Us” page to do this.

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  1. traffic lights
    Waverley Road/Albert Road – not so bad for cyclists but very difficult for pedestrians esp the elderly or those with children. You are never quite sure which way traffic is coming from and if you have enough time to cross and so ‘throw’ yourself across the road when it seems safe to do so.

    lights / crossing on Winston churchill avenue just to the east of the roundabout near the Pompey Centre. my experience is that the lights take so long to change that one invariably crosses the road at the earliest opportunity. then the lights stop the traffic and there is no-one to cross (making drivers and pedestrains equally frustrated).

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