Treasurer’s Report and Accounts 2014-15


These are the accounts for Portsmouth Cycle Forum, financial year ending 28 February 2015.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum Accounts

Income: Our regular income relies solely on subscriptions from paid-up members, with occasional one-off donations.

Members: Thanks to a much higher profile Facebook page, regular newsletters and media publicity, our paid membership grew from 36 to 66.

Costs: We try to keep our costs to a minimum, and we are grateful to the University of Portsmouth and the Southsea Coffee Co for free use of their facilities. On other occasions, such as this one, we have to pay for hall hire. Even with the free venues, hall hire is one of our greatest expenses. The City2Share strategy document was our single largest expense, although this was mostly covered by a crowd-funding appeal. We also have costs for printing posters and running the website. This means we have broken even this year, after two years of deficits.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions have not changed from £5 since we started, but with increased costs the committee agreed to raise the subs to £10 per year. Renewals can be made by cheque, cash or through Paypal via the Pompeybug website.


Subs/donations 651.20
Paypal income (net) 12.67

Total Income 663.87


Printing 327.83
Website 45.94
Hall hire 90.00
Subscriptions to CTC/CN 140.00
Travel (speaker) 45.00
Sundries 11.00

Total Expenditure 659.77

2014-15 surplus £4.10

Bank 193
Paypal 73

Current Assets £266 (from £262 in March 2014)

Roger Inkpen
Treasurer, Portsmouth Cycle Forum 12 March 2015