Portsmouth Cycle Forum is an independent cycle campaign group in Portsmouth. We believe that Portsmouth is a great place to live and to cycle. The city is flat, compact and the climate is warm. We’re only a few miles from the South Downs and New Forest national parks and a short hop by ferry to the Isle of Wight. All of these offer fantastic riding with tangled masses of quiet lanes to explore.

Portsmouth itself is one of the most densely populated places in the UK. It is also on an Island connected to the mainland by only 3 roads, making it very congested. This means that the rate of cycling in the city is low as many people feel that it is too dangerous.

We are working hard to change this. We’re building close relationships with the city council to help them design schemes that really help cyclists. We are looking to cities like Bristol and, of course, Dutch cities like Groningen to learn from what they have achieved. Cycling is a great opportunity for Portsmouth to become a healthier, cleaner and more liveable city. The next step is to develop a strong cycling strategy and to focus on reducing cycle casualties.

Once people feel safe they’ll try cycling and I’m sure most will never look back.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum welcomes individuals and representatives of organisations who are interested in cycling and related issues in the Portsmouth area.

  • We campaign for the improvement of safety, convenience and practicality of cycling.
  • We encourage discussion among those who influence cycling in Portsmouth and among others who may be affected by it.
  • We are interested in all aspects of cycling in Portsmouth.

We meet formally every two months at venues across the city. Please refer to the “Calendar” section for details of the next meeting. Our constitution is in the document liked at the bottom of this page.

Between meetings a committee meets monthly and puts into effect the actions approved at the monthly meetings.

To join Portsmouth Cycle Forum please download, print and complete a membership form or join online.  The annual subscription for most members is £10.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum Constitution

The latest copy of our constitution is linked below in PDF format.

PCF Constitution v2.3

For further details please get in touch by using the “Contact Us” section.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum – working to make cycling safe, easy and fun

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I’m unable to get to the next meeting. I’m a keen cyclist but have often been put off cycling in Portsmouth.

    For me the 2 key issues are:

    1. A cycle route with just one unsafe section however small will put people off.

    2. Route signage is often poor, non existent and inconsistent with no clear standards.

    3. Cycle maps are also out of date and missing detail. I would like to see a Portsmouth website with a map at large scale and with photos along the route.

    Many thanks, Steve

    1. Hi Steve. We had the councillor in charge of transport at our Sept meeting. For the first time in many years we think he is the right person, who understands the issues and what needs doing. Last week the council voted to minimum annual budgets for cycling. It’s a long way to go, but at least we have some commitment now.

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