Who are we?

The Committee

Our committee is a lovely, friendly bunch of volunteers who spend their free time campaigning for better cycle infrastructure for our city. We have a lot of fun too, and can always do with more help so if you fancy joining the committee – or just trying it out, get in touch at [email protected]

Our 2019 AGM

The Chair: Ian Saunders

As Chair of the cycle forum I receive a lot of email!
This could be from the Council informing us of roadworks and projects in the city; consultation requests for potential cycle schemes and safety improvements; media requests for interviews or comments on the “story of the day”; local politicians who wish to hear our thoughts on the way forward or other groups; organisations or members with information about local, regional and national issues. So I’m pretty busy! But I believe that the committee should always try to input ideas and thoughts into the discussion to ensure we have a rounded and agreed position to put forward.
Equally important are the views of our members and we are working hard to ensure they are informed of the issues of the day so we can discuss them in advance of any decisions being taken.
We want to represent as wide a demographic of cyclists in the city as possible. It is only with a strong, united voice that we will be able to influence political parties and the public to realise that enabling cycling in the city, and giving people real options to match transport options to their requirements is the way we’ll create #acitytoshare

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The Vice-Chair: Cllr Matt Winnington:
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The Secretary and Treasurer all in one: Roger Inkpen

At times cycling can be a joy, sometimes a struggle. Sometimes relaxing, other times stressful. But always worth it. And it’s always worth encouraging others to cycle.
I’m a long-term committee member of Portsmouth Cycle Forum because I want to encourage more people to cycle. One of my remits is to look at major planning applications to see how ‘cycle-friendly’ they are and responding by offering suggestions for making them so. I have an engineering background, so I tend to look at developments from a technical aspect.
I’m also a Sustrans volunteer so if you see any of the blue and red national cycle network patches on signposts in this area – it was probably put there by me!

Roger Inkpen









The rest of us…

Nicola Waight: 

I volunteer with PCF because I want cycling to be easier for everyone. I want to see our streets transformed into more friendly and healthy places where kids can play and people can get around, doing normal day to day things on their feet, bikes and by public transport. This won’t happen if people are too scared to get on their bikes; so I campaign for better infrastructure. I work as a transport planner, specialising in walking, cycling, data, and public health and use my bike for normal things, like doing the shopping; seeing my friends; and riding into the city centre from just outside the city where I now live. I help out with bike rides (like the “famous women of Portsmouth ride”), website updates (like this page) and responding to Council transport plans.

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Jon Riding:

I’ve been riding a bike for as long as I can remember. As a teenager it was my freedom to go wherever I wanted without having to ask the parents for a lift!
These days I’m a keen mountain biker who also rides on the road.

I’ve only been in Portsmouth for a short time and I joined the Portsmouth Cycle Forum about 3 years ago with a view to helping the city gain the cycle infrastructure that it desperately needs in order to convince people to leave their cars at home.

Coming from an IT background, I help out with the Forums’ website and mapping. I also organise a weekly ride out from Bransbury Park.


Jon Riding







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Mike Dobson:

Back in 2006 I was one of the original four founders of the independent Portsmouth Cycle Forum. I’m a regular commuter cyclist and also a determined campaigner to improve Portsmouth’s sub-standard cycle infrastructure, poor road safety record and illegally high levels of air pollution. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of technical knowledge about the design of cycle facilities, Dept. for Transport regulations, Highways England standards, road safety requirements and the legal aspects of cycling. I provide comment on PCC transport plans.
I firmly believe that if the Council did more to encourage people to use public transport and make Portsmouth’s roads safe for cyclists then fewer people would feel a need to drive and we would have a cleaner city with a healthier population.
“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, former Mayor of Bogotá, Columbia

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Phil Kirkham: Coming soon


Joe Chamberlain:

I have lived in Cosham for over 20 years and seek to represent the cycling interests of those living in the northern suburbs of the city. I’m a former senior project manager at IBM and former employee at the local bike-parking supplier Cycle-Works. I’m also a life-long cyclist – for commuting, transport and leisure. I hope to contribute to making Portsmouth a safer and easier place to cycle for everyone.

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Esther Rodriguez: Coming soon

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