Portsmouth Cycle Forum hosts around 5 open meetings a year, several rides (usually on Sundays), and we also announce here other cycling-related events. The open meetings include invited presentations on interesting cycling developments around the country, and discussions on cycling issues and ideas for the city. We regularly have attendees from the City Council at these meetings.

Upcoming Events

16 11 2017 - Portsmouth Cycle Forum Open Meeting

Agenda: to be confirmed. Venue: Room LT2, Richmond Building, University of Portsmouth, PO1 3DE.
Starts at 18:45, duration is 02:00 hours.

3 thoughts on “Events”

  1. I would like to join the ride on Sunday however I wonder how accessible the Gosport ferry will be with the road closures due to the Great South Run.

  2. I have tried multiple times to connect with you via this website. I have so far been unsuccessful. I hope this way works!

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