Strategic Cycle Routes

Strategic Cycle Routes

Portsmouth Cycle Forum, in partnership with the Cyclist Touring Club, delivered a report on the state of the major cycle routes in and out of Portsmouth in November 2009.  The document provides an objective user’s view of the key cycle routes in to and out of Portsmouth. It assesses their safety, their usability by all types of cyclist and how well they meet the Department for Transport (DfT) and Portsmouth City Council (PCC) aspirations for cycle infrastructure.

PCC aspires to produce a cycle network interconnecting all locations in the city – good quality arterial routes in and out of the city are an essential element of any such network. This document provides a baseline to assist planning and development of Portsmouth’s cycle network.

The document is split into two sections – the main body which presents an overview and assessment of each route and appendices which provide detailed analysis of each route. Both are available for download:

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