PCF Meeting 27 September 2008

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The September meeting of the Cycle Forum was a lively and well attended event.

Topics discussed included :

The Big Draw

The Roadrunner bike scheme

Options for a seafront cycle route

Infrastructure news

You can read a full account of the meeting in the minutes together with comprehensive Infrastructure report.

Check the

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for the date of the next meeting.

Cyclists find the car is still king

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An in-depth feature plus favourable editorial comment on cycling in Portsmouth was published in The News, our local evening paper, on Saturday 18th July 2008.

Political Correspondent, Alex Forsyth, took to the streets on her bicycle and found tha things could be a lot better for cyclists.


Alex concludes that she’ll be staying in her car but we hope that she changes her mind in the coming months.

You can read an abridged version of the article at

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The News Web Site

where you will also find a video of her experiences.on two wheels.

We have transcribed the report and editorial into separate documents which are available below.

Cycling in One-Way Streets

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Whenever there is a new proposal for a one-way street then local residents are, quite rightly, consulted.

However many of the roads proposed are quiet and frequented by cyclists who are not necessarily residents.

We have persuaded the City Council to widen their consultation process so that the views of all people using the road are collected.

In addition, we have asked that contra flow cycling is considered when new one-way schemes are proposed.

With the city-wide introduction of the 20 mph speed limit on minor roads this is now a very practical solution providing there is sufficient carriageway width.

Many of you will be familiar with Paradise Street where there is a contra flow cycle lane.

Stafford Street in Southsea has a workable arrangement where only bicycles are allowed to enter the road from Victoria Road South. The Cycle Forum has started to compile a list of one-way streets where we think that contra flow cycling is practical.

Subway Survey

Portsmouth City Council have been reviewing their inventory of pedestrian subways and underpasses with a view to closing some of them in order to save on maintenance charges. Since many underpasses are also used by cyclists (legally!), we decided to conduct a survey of our own.

The results are attached in the document below. Generally we found that most of the remaining underpasses are still of use to both pedestrians and cyclists although they are not always pleasant places. We’d like to see a programme of environmental and lighting improvements to make them more attractive and safer to use.

What do you think?


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contact us

with your views.

Proposed changes to bus and cycle lanes at Hilsea

Portsmouth City Council proposes to make the following Order under Sections 1 to 4 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The effect of the Order will be as follows:


1. LONDON ROAD The west side, from a point 30m south of Portsbridge Roundabout northwards to Portsbridge Roundabout.

2. NORTHERN PARADE The north-west side, from a point 4m north-east of its northern junction with Hilsea Crescent to the existing bus, taxi, and cycle lane.


1. LONDON ROAD The east side, around the new build-out on the north-west side of the northern end of Northern Parade.

2. NORTHERN PARADE The north-west side, around the new build-out at its junction with London road.

For full details of this Traffic Regulation Order (TRO 46) see the

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TRO section of the PCC Web site


New government report on sustainable transport

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The Secretary of State for Transport has recently presented to Parliament a report entitled:

Towards a Sustainable Transport System – Supporting Economic Growth in a Low Carbon World.

The introduction to the executive summary reads:

This document has three aims.

Firstly, it describes how the Government is responding to the recommendations made in the Eddington study to improve transport

PCC Cycling Budget

Portsmouth City Council Local Transport Capital Programme

On behalf of the forum, a letter has been sent to Councillor Alex Bentley, executive member for traffic and transport, expressing concern that the cycling budget has been cut for the second successive year.

Some background information is shown below.

Data Protection Act

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Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a not for profit organisation.

It is thus exempt from registering under the Data Protection Act 1998 but is required to meet the other requirements of the Act.

Personal Data will be kept only for the purpose of allowing participants or potential future participants to be notified of forum activites and to communicate with each other.

This data will comprise no more than names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Data will not be disclosed to any other party unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

One-way Streets

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Alex Bentley, PCC executive member for traffic and transport, was asked to approve recommendations on this subject at a decision meeting on 19 September.

The methodology proposed for evaluating the need for such schemes and the feasibility of implementing them took no account of cycling.

Link to the paper below.

John Holland and Paul Dawson made a deputation on behalf of the forum to draw attention to the need to evaluate the impact on cycling in this case and in the development of other highway schemes.

They suggested that there should be a presumption that all one way streets should be provided with cycle contra-flows.

Charles Stunell, head of traffic and street management agreed with this.

There is a target in the Portsmouth Cycling Strategy (see link below) to provide contra-flow cycle facilities on all non-classified residential one-way streets by 2015.

This would be a good time to draw to the council

DfT consultation on cycling infrastructure design


This consultation seeks views on the contents of the draft Cycling Infrastructure Design document. It is likely to be of interest to all local highway authorities, highway consultants and cycling organisations.

Published date:

13 August 2007

Closing date for comments:

05 November 2007

I have only glanced over the contents so far, but it appears to be very comprehensive and something that we should become familiar with.

If the table of contents is anything to go by, commitment to this by PCC would mean that all our concerns would be met.

You can download it at:

Link target is http://www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/infrastructuredesign/consultationpaper

Link text is http://www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/infrastructuredesign/consultationpaper


Paul Dawson

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