Portsmouth City Council are committed to making Portsmouth's roads safer for cyclists and reduce the number of collisions.

Examples of a near miss are, being passed too close, another vehicle pulling in or out across a cyclist’s path, being driven at, and a near left or right hook.This list is not exhaustive however, and what qualifies as a near miss may differ from one cyclist to another - depending on experience and level of confidence. We encourage you to report any incident you feel was a near miss. 

If you have experienced a near miss while out on your bike, please let them know by completing their reporting form via the button on this page.

All near miss reports will be reviewed by our Road Safety Team. The information you provide may inform our risk assessments, it will be compared against collision statistics and used to help us prevent future collisions. We may contact you in the future to discuss your report further.

If you wish to report a fault or problem on the roads please visit the 'report it' page Report it

Incidents resulting in a collision or which you believe require police investigation should be reported to  Hampshire Police

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