Open Meeting

Wheels 4 All

Wheels 4 All

Our next public meeting will take place on Thursday 11th September at 7pm. The venue is yet to be announced but we hope to be using a new venue in Southsea. We’ll announce it soon.

We’ll be hearing about Wheels 4 All, a nationally recognised programme that embraces all children and adults with disabilities and differing needs, to engage in a quality cycling activity. By using specially adapted cycles, the activities are both physically and mentally stimulating and above all fun for everyone involved.

We’ll also be poresenting our reseacrh on the junctions in Portsmouth that are most lethal to cyclists. This follows our exposure of the shocking cycle casualty statistics for Portsmouth and PCC’s response to them at our last meeting.

An Open Letter to Councillors

A27 Lorry Fire

A27 Lorry Fire

Dear Councillors,

Last week a lorry fire on the A27 brought Portsmouth to a standstill. The traffic delays caused by this incident quickly spread and paralysed traffic across the city. Buses were stopped. Ambulances were delayed. Appointments were missed. Families were kept apart. In short the health, wellbeing and economy of our city were on hold.

This was just the latest in a series of events that have exposed the fragility of Portsmouth’s traffic system. As you know too well, there are only three road routes in and out of the city and all run at near-capacity. A single incident on one is all that’s needed to create gridlock that lasts hours.

The number of cars coming in and out of our city is at an all time high and is forecast to keep growing. That means incidents like this will become more common. Maybe they’ll become weekly or even daily occurrences. In that situation the economy of our city will lose all viability and life for the citizens will be bleak.

This presents a serious risk to the future of our city. The traffic levels in our city are presenting a real hazard to us, the citizens. Air pollution is worsening and accident casualty levels are high bringing ill health and injury to far too many families.

The people of Portsmouth need you, our elected leaders, to come to grips with this problem. Our transport system no longer serves us and needs a radical redesign. The people of Portsmouth deserve a reliable, safe transport system. A transport system capable of supporting our economy in the future without putting us in peril.

Cycling is recognised as one of the cheapest, safest, fastest and cleanest ways to get around an numerous other cities have turned to the bicycles to transform their transport systems. They have found that the bicycle brought affluence as well as clean air and safe streets. It is so often said that Portsmouth is an ideal city for the bicycle that it has become a cliché. Yet little has been done to make it happen.

There will always be a need for people to drive but it should be much easier for people to make the choice not to. Well designed, convenient and safe cycle infrastructure will enable people to leave their cars behind when they are not needed. This will reduce the burden on the city’s infrastructure and benefit us all.

We are calling on you to act now. Plans need to be made now to fix our transport system. Major changes are planned for the centre of Portsmouth with the development of the Northern Quarter to name but one. Portsmouth needs a plan to put sustainable transport at the heart of these plans and to come up with a joined-up strategy for sustainable transport. Portsmouth Cycle Forum is eager to work with councillors to improve travel in Portsmouth and support sustainable growth.

The time has come to take action.

Jon Spencer
Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Exchanging Places

Exchanging Places

Exchanging Places

Portsmouth City Council Road Safety & Active Travel team, supported by Sustrans will be running an event to raise awareness of the current cyclist casualty trend at junctions where 78% of cycle collisions in Portsmouth occur.

There will be a large van and a heavy goods vehicle provided by TJ Waste & Recycling with bikes

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PCC agrees changes to Palmerston, Osborne & Henderson Roads

Cycle Forum makes deputations to Portsmouth City Council meeting

At the longest Traffic and Transportation Decision Meeting in living memory on 24 July, decisions on four proposals were reached and not all of them popular with the audience.

Henderson Road

The least contentious proposal was for traffic calming in Henderson Road, Eastney which is long, straight, wide and has

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Open Meeting Report

Community Speedwatch

Community Speedwatch

We had another successful public meeting on 10th July with presentations from Hampshire Police and Portsmouth City Council. The meeting was held at the John Pounds Centre in Portsea.

Maria Joliffe of Hampshire Police kindly stepped in late in the day to present on community speedwatch. Community speed watch is an initiative that allows citizens

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Meeting with the Leader of PCC

Cllr Donna Jones

On Wednesday 25th June members of the Portsmouth Cycle Forum Committee met with the new leader of Portsmouth City Council, Cllr Donna Jones, and her cabinet member for Traffic & Transportation Cllr Ken Ellcome.

The purpose of the meeting was to ask PCC to develop a strategy for cycling, both to address immediate issues,

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Open Meeting: Safer Cycling in Portsmouth

Cyclist HGV Incident Hilsea

Cyclist and HGV Incident in Hilsea

Do you cycle in Portsmouth? Perhaps you would like to cycle in Portsmouth but are nervous about the roads?
Last month Portsmouth Cycle Forum revealed that Portsmouth’s roads are amongst the most dangerous in the country for cyclists. If you think the roads in Portsmouth need to be safer for cyclists

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Sustrans National Cycle Network Update

If you live in the Portsmouth and Havant area you now have a choice of safe, well-marked cycle routes to Southsea and Hayling seafronts or up to the South Downs.  Roger Inkpen is a local ranger for Sustrans – the charity creating a national cycle network.  He says: “all of these routes follow cycle tracks, quiet

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Ward issues

As well as our manifesto for cycling, we asked each candidate to respond to 2 specific issues related to cycling in their ward.  Now we need to follow this up with the candidate elected in each ward! Continue reading Ward issues

Post-election manifesto support

Following last yesterday’s elections how do the newly elected Councillors appear to stand on cycling?  We asked all candidates before the election to support our cycling manifesto, and many did.  How many of these bike-friendly candidates got themselves elected?  Here’s our initial breakdown: Continue reading Post-election manifesto support